Mission to Mexico

CCV's Mission to Mexico

In Partnership with Amor Ministries

More than 53 million people in Mexico are living in poverty, without the means to meet their basic needs of food, clothing, or even adequate shelter.
But with the gift of a home, everything changes. Parents have more to spend on food and their children’s education, instead of on materials to fix a leaking roof. Children can stay in school longer, as the pressure of contributing to family finances is no longer the greatest need. Families that were once living apart, can finally be reunited in a safe and secure home.
When you join CCV on an Amor Trip, you can make an impact on a family’s life...as well as your own.
Amor Ministries provides each missions team with the tools and resources that are necessary to build a home alongside a family in need. Amor carefully selects the home site, provides standard building plans, and equips each group to complete a home in about 4 days. While on an Amor Mission Trip, missions teams will stay in conditions similar to those of the families they are serving.
An Amor house is a simple design, built according to the standards of the community so that a group without skilled labor or power tools can still complete the project.
The need is still staggering for millions of families in Mexico.
CCV's Mission to Mexico is a hands-on building trip in partnership with Amor Ministries.  No experience necessary.  You can make a difference by providing the labor to build a home for a family desperately in need of adequate shelter.  Singles, families, students...all are welcome.
Our Week—Monday morning we will travel to San Diego where we will check in with Amor Ministries; cross the border and set up our “tent city” in the Amor campground.
Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, we will hand-mix concrete to pour the 11’x22’ slab; frame the two-room structure;  wrap, chicken wire, stucco and roof it.  Doors and windows will be installed and, when the house is complete, the keys and a Bible will be presented to a grateful family. 
Evenings back at camp will include good food, campfires and the knowledge that our sore muscles mean a family now has a home.
Friday morning we break camp and head back to the USA; knowing we have made a difference.

Do you want to make a difference?  Join us in Spring, 2025.  (Passports are required)

Mexico  Trip 2023