Mission & Vision

...and He is leading Christ's Church of the Valley to become so much more than we could have ever imagined!

The Mission

The mission of Christ's Church of the Valley is to let God love us and love others through us. 

The Vision

The vision of Christ's Church of the Valley is to be a church that helps lead the way to a new era of hope, leadership, and lasting spiritual change for people everywhere. 

Our Values

CCV’s Mission & Vision. Nothing fulfills like helping others change their lives and gain eternity.
God’s Will. Building the Kingdom is our greatest concern, even over ourselves.
Team Leadership. One of us alone is never as good as all of us together.
Relationships. With God, our families, and each other.
Excellence. We choose to excel in all we do because ‘good enough’ does not honor God.
Small Victories. All wins deserve recognition because each one brings us closer to our vision.
Accountability. Keeping our commitments to God and each other will make or break us.
Laughter. Fun, humor, and joy are what gives us the energy and endurance to keep pursuing our vision. 

Our Calling

Together we have the opportunity to build a life-changing movement with the power to influence and ultimately transform society. To accomplish this we must strive to be living examples and show others that the answers, freedom, and fulfillment they seek are found by following God-centered, biblically-based values... and not those of our current culture. That the only way the conflicting storylines of their lives will ever have resolution, true meaning, and a happy ending is in eternity with Christ. "Suddenly, it all makes sense."
Help us make this vision a reality.

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